Gaming Computer FAQs

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Q. Should I upgrade my CPU or GPU for my gaming computer?

A. Both CPU and GPU are important aspects of gaming. Without one or the other rendering high resolution visuals and processing is not possible. To upgrade your CPU or GPU, you need to first determine what sort of games you are going to play. If you need more performance from your Gaming computer and more cores when gaming then it is better to upgrade your CPU to ones with higher cores like Intel i9-1099K or i9-9900K or you could upgrade it to the latest Ryzen-5900x or Ryzen- 3900x. If you need higher resolution 4K or higher FPS or clearer imaging and rendering when gaming then a graphics card upgrade would be ideal. You can get the nVIDIA 3070 or 3080 or you can get amd 6800xt which are the latest graphics card.

Q. How do I upgrade my normal PC to gaming?

A. A gaming PC requires a CPU with multiple cores, high processing graphics card, a solid state drive is definitely better and more RAM memory. First you need to check your PC to see if upgrades can be done on it. In most normal PC, you can at least upgrade the RAM memory, hard disk to solid state drive and graphics card. You can check your PC upgradability according to the model and swap out the upgrade components accordingly.

Q. Can you just upgrade graphics card?

A. Yes, when upgrading your gaming PC, you can also just upgrade the graphics card. But always make sure when upgrading your gaming PC, your drivers are updated as well since it could give you issues when gaming.

Q.When should I upgrade my CPU for my gaming PC?

A. You could upgrade your CPU for gaming but you have to see what CPU you have and if you need a CPU upgrade or other upgrades for your gaming PC because if you have a i7 or i9 processor it is not necessary and you could upgrade more RAM or graphics card on your gaming PC better performance.

Q. Should I upgrade my GPU or CPU first?

A. The easiest thing to do is to upgrade the GPU since it is plug and play. I would recommend you get your GPU upgraded and if it still feels like it needs an upgrade, you can upgrade the CPU as well.

Q. Is i5 good for my gaming PC?

A. An i5 processor 7th generation and above should be good for gaming at 60FPS but if you want even higher performance or want to game in higher FPS or 4K then you should get a new processor with more cores.

Q. Can you turn an old desktop into a gaming computer?

A. Yes, you can turn an old desktop computer into a gaming computer. You just need a couple of upgrades on the system or you can custom build your old desktop computer with new motherboard, processor, RAM, graphics card and storage and have the best gaming experience form your new custom built PC.

Q. Can you use a normal desktop for gaming?

A. Yes, you can use a normal desktop for gaming but just depends on what type of gaming you would want to do. You might not be able to run DOOM or Final Fantasy for gaming but normal games like minecraft or SIMs or overwatch should be good enough.

Q. Should I upgrade my gaming computer or buy a new one?

A. If you have a good processor then upgrading your computer would be the best choice since buying a new one is going to cost you a lot of money whilst you can just upgrade some components on your Gaming PC and it will be like your new computer and you save money on it too.

Q. How do I know if I can upgrade my graphics card on my gaming PC?

A. To know if you can upgrade your graphics card on your gaming computer, you can check out whether your motherboard has x16 PCIe slot and if your motherboard is compatible with the new graphics card you want.

Q. Can I upgrade my graphics card in laptop?

A. In most laptops, graphics card are soldered and integrated on the motherboard and thus upgrading the graphics card is nearly impossible. Except in some laptops like Dell Alienware where you might be able to but you’re going to have a hard time finding the compatible graphics card and it could not be worth it considering the time and money it takes.

Q. Should I wait to build a PC 2020?

A. Building a PC in 2020 is definitely a good idea. It is better to know what you want on your PC and build it yourself than just buying a pre-build system if you are opting for buying a pre-built and in this way, you can decide yourself on how much you would want to spend for your PC by researching the prices for the parts you need.

Q. How much RAM do I need for gaming computer?

A. About 8GB of RAM is the minimum requirement for gaming PC, since most games usually need 8GB RAM or higher memory for optimum performance.

Q. Is upgrading a CPU worth it?

A. Upgrading your CPU could be worth it if you’re going to upgrading to the same chipset type of your motherboard, if not then you’re going to have to replace the motherboard as well.

Q. Can a computer last 10 years?

A. Yes, a computer can last 10 years if you kept good care of it and serviced it from time to time.

Q. Is 4 cores enough for gaming?

A. If you’re playing older games then yes 4 cores are enough for gaming.

Q. What PC parts should I upgrade first?

A. You can start upgrading your PC by upgrading your hard disk drive to your solid state drive then you can move onto RAM or graphics card since you will see a significant performance boost when you upgrade your old hard drive.

Q. Is a 7 year old computer worth fixing?

A. Yes a 7 year old computer could be worth fixing but depends on what you want to do on it. If you need it just for browsing or watching youtube or streaming sites then you can replace the hard drive on it and it should be good but if you’re thinking of gaming then you should consider replacing it.

Q. Can you upgrade an old computer?

A. Yes, we can upgrade an old computer. We can upgrade the hard drive to a Solid State drive and possibly the RAM also.

Q. Should I upgrade RAM or SSD on my gaming computer?

A. The answer could be different in various situation. First, why would you want to upgrade RAM or SSD. Is it because of slow performance or you need more RAM for multitasking or gaming. If you need multitasking capabilities then RAM is recommended but if you need fast data transfer and overall performance boost then you can opt in for SSD.

Q. Do I need a graphics card if I don’t play games?

A. If your motherboard has an inbuilt graphics card then you don’t necessarily need a graphics card and the computer will be functional without it.

Q. How do I upgrade my graphics driver?

A. You can go to the official website for your graphics card and put your graphics card information on the site and download the necessary driver for it. If you use nVIDIA then you can use nVIDIA GeForce Experience to download drivers for your computer.

Q. Do all graphics cards fit all motherboards?

A. No, all graphics card doesn’t fit all motherboards.

Q. Is AMD or Intel better for gaming?

At this moment since AMD Ryzen processors have more cores and better performance for a budget price, an AMD processor could be a better choice for gaming but Intel also has great gaming CPU.

Q. How do I build a gaming computer in 2020?

A. There are a couple of components you need to build a gaming computer. You can check this article to see what are needed to build a gaming computer in 2020.

Q. How do I build a gaming computer for beginners?

A. To build a gaming computer for beginners you would need to sort out the necessary specs needed for them and collect the parts and assemble it together.

Q. Is 32gb RAM overkill for gaming?

A. Currently it is safe to say that 32gb RAM would be overkill for gaming since games don’t use more than 16gb of RAM memory.

Q. Is 64gb RAM overkill for gaming?

A. If you’re just gaming on your PC, then 64gb RAM is definitely an overkill.

Q. How long does a gaming PC last?

A. An average gaming PC would last you 2-3 years if you do heavy gaming on it. But if you service it from time to time and test your computer and are careful with your gaming PC then it will last for a long time.

Q. How often should you upgrade your PC?

A. Upgrading your PC depends on what type of work you would be doing on it. If you need powerful graphics or if you think that your computer performance has slowed down or if you need more performance from your PC, you can upgrade your PC.

Q. Will upgrading my CPU make my gaming computer faster?

A. Yes, if you upgrade your gaming computer CPU with one that has more cores then it will make your gaming computer faster.

Q. Do any games use 8 cores?

A. There aren’t games that use 8 cores now but some games have used 6 cores like Battlefield 1.

Q. Is Ryzen 7 overkill for gaming?

A. There aren’t much games that uses more than 4 cores and a 8 core processor would better if you did more than just gaming on it.

Q. Is 2 cores enough for gaming?

A. A 2 core processor will not be enough for gaming, especially in 2020 because the games nowadays use more than 2 core for decent gaming performance.

Q. Can RAM affect FPS?

A. Having more or less RAM does not affect the FPS.

Q. Is it cheaper to replace a hard drive or buy a new gaming computer?

A. It is definitely cheaper to replace a hard drive than buying a new gaming computer.

Q. Is upgrading to SSD on my gaming computer worth it?

A. Yes, upgrading to an SSD from a traditional HDD is worth it since it gives faster read write speeds hence increases the performance of your gaming computer.

Q. Can I upgrade CPU without changing motherboard in my Gaming computer?

A. If the CPU you want to upgrade has the same chipset as your motherboard then you can upgrade your CPU without changing your motherboard on your Gaming PC.

Q. Are graphics cards plug and play?

A. Yes, graphics card are plug and play but you do need to install the correct drivers for them.

Q. Can any CPU work with any motherboard?

A. No, any CPU does not work with any motherboard because motherboard are manufactured in such a way that the particular motherboard only support certain chipset of CPU.

Q. How do I know if a CPU is compatible with my motherboard?

A. You can check to see the chipset of the CPU and check if your motherboard has support for that particular chipset of CPU.

Q. Can you build a 4k gaming PC for under $1000?

A. Yes, you can build a 4K gaming PC under $1000.