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When you think about a gaming computer the image that you have on your mind is a desktop with a nice case and transparent glass with RGB lighting and fans and big graphics card, right? The era of custom build gaming computers is starting. Nowadays it looks like everyone is building their own gaming PC or rig. Today through this article we want to start with how to diagnose common Gaming computer Issues, Repair them, Upgrade components on your Gaming Computer and how to Build a Gaming Computer all together.

Common Gaming Computer Repairs

Gaming Computer No Display

Gaming Computer No Screen Display Repair Dallas

If your gaming computer has no display then it could be because of a couple of things such as RAM, Graphics Card, Processor and the Motherboard. If the problem was with the RAM then you can take the RAM out of the slots and rearrange it according to the motherboar manual and try to restart. If the problem is with graphics card then it could be an issue with the drivers for the graphics card. If your motherboard supports display from the motherboard then you can take out the graphics card and use the motherboard display connection for display and update the drivers for your graphics card and try turning on your computer with your graphics card in again. If you have issues with your processor or motherboard, it would be best to switch them out by testing them with another system first.

Gaming Computer No Power or No Boot

Gaming Computer No Boot Device Found Error

If your Gaming Computer Does not take power then you could have an issue with the motherboar or the power supply. You can check the power supply by using it for another computer and see if it works or not. If it works with another computer then you have issues with other components of the computer such as the motherboard. If your gaming Computer is not booting then you could have software issues such as corrupt operating system, viruses or malware, wrong BIOS configuration, etc. It could also be a hardware related issue such as hard drive failure or SATA connection or cable failure or motherboard failure. You can troubleshoot software issues by booting it from an external drive or by reinstalling the operating system. You can troubleshoot hardware issues by running hardware test on it and swapping hardware components from a functioning PC.

Gaming Computer Stuck On Motherboard Flash Screen

Gaming Computer Blue Screen Error Repair Dallas

A computer could be stuck on the motherboard Flash screen for a couple of reasons such as bad RAM memory, graphics card issues, corrupt BIOS, corrupt Operating system or issues with your motherboard. You can test out what’s the issue by swapping out the faulty parts one by one. First check RAM and if that’s good, try graphics card and if it’s still good then try operating system troubleshoot and then try BIOS reset or update and then the problem could be a motherboard issue.

How to Build a Custom Gaming PC

Before building a Gaming PC, you need to know what kind of specs you would want on your Gaming PC. Everything can be custom built according to your needs and the budget. Whether you need just faster performance or faster gaming performance or faster multitasking performance or faster production performance, the Custom Gaming PC can be made for that. In order to build a PC, you’re going to need

  1. CPU ( AMD or Intel)
  2. Motherboard (Compatible with the CPU)
  3. Graphics Card
  4. RAM
  5. Storage 
  6. Windows
  7. Heatsink or Liquid Cooler
  8. Fans
  9. Case
  10. Power Supply

What type of Gaming Computer CPU to get?

If you need a stable Gaming PC then you can go with Intel. But if you’re looking for more core and performance for the same price range then you can go with AMD processors. The Intel processors have been categorized into i3,i5,i7 and i9 processors whereas AMD processors have been seperated into AMD Fx, Ryzen3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9. The type of CPU you get also limits the type of motherboard you need to get since the CPU you get can only support the chipset of CPU for the motherboard.

What type of Gaming PC motherboard to get?

If you get an Intel CPU then you’re going to have to get an Intel motherboard and if you get an AMD motherboard then you must get an AMD motherboard with same chipsets. You should be extra careful when handling motherboard since they can be sensitive and can be damaged if you used carelessly.

What type of Gaming PC heatsink do you need?

Every computer needs a heatsink or something that can dissipate the heat produced by the CPU. Since the processor handles almost all the tasks that a computer does, it usually gets heated up more and needs a proper cooling system. You can get your traditional heatsink on your Gaming PC or you can get liquid cooling on your Gaming PC. When using a heatsink, a fan and thermal paste is used to take the heat away from the processor whereas using a liquid cooler thermal paste and some sort of liquid is used to cool the processor.

What type of Gaming Computer graphics card to get?

The type of graphics card you get is extremely detrimental to your gaming experience that you have because the visuals of the game, the higher FPS and resolution you can play is done by the graphics card. NVidia and AMD are the two top companies that are leading in graphics card. NVidia came out with their new lineup of 3070 Graphics card and RX 6800. Both graphics company have mid to high end graphics card that you might need for your type of gaming. Just depends on what performance you would want to get from your graphics card.

How much Gaming Computer RAM do you need?

The amount of RAM you need depends on the type of gaming that you do. Some games might require more performance from RAM, whereas others require more performance from the graphics card or the CPU. Still having more RAM does impact multitasking games and does make your gaming experience better. It is better to have more RAM than less amount of RAM when it comes to gaming. For gaming computers you can get RAM sticks with RGB lighting and you will be able to control the lighting on the RAM sticks.

What type of storage you need for Gaming Computer?

Laptop Desktop Computer Data Recovery Storage Media Service Dallas

There are different types of storage media when it comes to gaming. If you need faster performance for gaming, getting a Solid State Drive is recommended since it is more faster than your traditional hard disk drive and lasts longer. But if you consider budget then hard disk drives are cheaper than solid state drives and you can get more storage for a fraction of the price than Solid State Drive. The ideal would be to load the windows and applications in the Solid State Drive and have a hard disk drive as a storage backup.

What type of Gaming Computer Case Do you Need?

There are lots of choices when it comes to choosing case since the most important thing is the aesthetic and the budget. You can get a case for $50 or you can get a case for over $1000. The type of casing you might need may depend on whether you have a mid-ATX motherboard or what kind of configuration you want on your Gaming PC.

I have built lots of computers over the years and personally my best PC build in-terms of budget and performance for me would have been the I9-10900K processor with NVidia 2080Ti, 32GB RAM, MSI Z390 A Pro, Seasonic 750 Watt PowerSupply, 1TB nvme Samsung SSD, 1TB Samsung SATA SSD, NZXT H510i case, Liquid Cooling Corsair H100i, Windows 10, RGB Fans.

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