MacBook RAM or memory upgrade

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Are you looking for RAM or memory upgrade near Dallas? MacFixDallas can help you. The expert technician at MacFixDallas provides RAM and memory Storage upgrade service to all kinds of Macbook laptops including MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook pro. MacFixDallas not only provides MacBook services only, but we also provide services other various for iMac, Mac, HP, Lenovo, Dell, and so on.

What is RAM? RAM stands for Random Access memory. It is the memory in the Macbook or any computer that stores software files temporarily. It is the reason why you can use multiple softwares at once in your Macbook. Software takes certain amount of RAM at a time. if you are using a software that taking a lot of space in RAM then your Macbook performance may decrease drastically. More the RAM Better the performance of your Macbook.

RAM and Hardrive both play a great role in the speed of a computer system. RAM helps the system load different software simultaneously on the computer while hard drive space is needed to speed uploading the files folders and read-write speed of the computer. If your hard drive space is decreasing then you would have also noticed that your computer performance especially loading files and folders may be slow. Ou can consult MacFixDallas for a more suitable upgrade.

We Can help you upgrade your RAM and memory

We have expert technicians who have specialized in fixing apple products. We Can help you with storage and RAM upgrade For your MacBook Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our certified tech or stop by our office

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We provide RAM or memory upgrade service to all models of Macbook including 2015 MacBook, 2014 MacBook, 2013 MacBook, 2012 MacBook, 2011 MacBook, 2010 MacBook, 2016 MacBook, 2017 MacBook, 2018, MacBook 2019, MacBook 2020, Retina 12 inch Macbook, One USB-C Macbook, Unibody 13 inch Macbook Pro, Unibody 15 inch Macbook Pro, Retina 13 inch Macbook Pro, Retina 15 inch Macbook Pro, Touch Bar 13 inch Macbook Pro, Touch Bar 15 inch Macbook Pro,A1534, A1342, A1181, A1278, A1989, A1990, A1707, A1706, A1708, A1502, A1398, A1425, A1278, A1286, A1297, A1260, A1261, A1229, A1226, A1211, A1212, A1150, A1151, A1932, A1466, A1465, A1369, A1370, A1304, A1237, A1989, A1990, A2179

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can MacBook upgrade RAM?
A. Yes, Contact MacFixDallas to know more about RAM uograde on your Macbook.

Q. Will more RAM make Mac faster?
A. Yes more RAM more faster your Macbook will be.

Q. Is it worth upgrading MacBook Pro RAM?
A. Yes, more RAM means Macbook can store more programs or heavy program more efficiently making performace better and smooth.

Q. What is a better upgrade SSD or RAM?
A. SSD for better read and write speed while RAM more or programs to load simultaneously. It depends what kind of speed you want on your Macbook.

Q. Is 8GB RAM enough for MacBook 2020?
A. 8GB RAM is more than enough for Macbook 2020. If your work or school requires you to use heavy softwares then go for a 16GB one.

Q. How do I make my Mac run like new?
A. You can do one of these methods:

  • Add more RAM
  • switch to SSD
  • delete unused programs
  • and many more.

Q. Is 8GB RAM enough on a MacBook Pro?
A. Yes it is enough for Macbook pro unless you are using heavy software like rendering and video editing

Q. Do I need 16GB of RAM MacBook Pro?
yes, 16 GB is a good amount of RAM to run any kind of heavy software as well as light software.

Q. Is 32GB RAM worth it MacBook Pro?
A. 16 GB RAM should be enough for most of the software. But taking a 32GB MacBook Pro will be a future proof investment