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Slow Mac Repair Service

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Why does your Mac become slow? It has been years that you have been using your Apple Mac computer whether it maybe your iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini or Mac Pro but now it’s starting to act up. Your Mac has been extremely slow lately? Well having a slow Mac after certain years of usage can be because of several things and is one of the most common Mac repairs because buying a brand new Mac can cost you hundreds of dollars but optimizing the performance on your old Mac can save you a lot. Some of the common reasons why your Mac becomes slow is

Old Hard Drive

If you have an old hard drive and it’s been running good for years but now you’re having slow performance issues then I’m sad to say that you need to quickly backup all your essential data from your Mac and look into options for getting your hard drive replaced because after long years of usage the mechanical hard drive will show signs of failure hence you will experience slow performance from the Mac. Hard disk drives work mechanically and moving parts are used to read and write data on the hard drive which will definitely fail in the future. Don’t worry if you want faster performance from your Mac then all you have to do is upgrade your hard drive or upgrade to the new Solid State Drive which has faster performance than your traditional Hard drive and consumes less power.

Low Memory

If you have low memory on your Mac and try to run multiple applications then you will definitely have slow performance. Applications such as Final Cut, Photoshop, Illustrator, Games require the use of rendering a lot which is handled by RAM. You might not have found slower performance before because it could be that you did not use your Mac for performance heavy workflow. If you need faster performance on multiple application usage then it is best to upgrade your Mac memory if possible.

Nearly Full Storage

Sometimes you might be experiencing slow computing on your Mac due to the storage being nearly full. Because each file you create or delete is stored in the storage media and once it is nearly full then the time taken to access these files will increase resulting in decreased performance from the Mac. Don’t worry, you can backup your data and perform a clean installation of macOS for optimized performance.

Graphics Card Issue

If there is extensive use of graphics and rendering software on your Mac then you could have an issues with the graphics card failure on the Mac. Graphics card is responsible for creating a graphics user interface on the Mac and if that particular component is failing reduced image quality, slow processing and computer shutting down or restarting is the common symptom.

Mac Screen Replacement

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When you’re working on a device, accidents can happen and when accidents do occur, one of the most common things to break is the screen. Same is the case with any Mac screen. If you drop it or physical damage happens on it then there is a chance that your LCD could get damaged and you might not be able to use your Mac. This kind of accidents does happen often, that is why screen replacement is one of the common Mac repairs in Dallas as well. Don’t worry a broken screen does not mean that you have to buy a new Mac. You can always go to Apple for screen replacement and if you think the price is too high then you can go to any local repair store in Dallas that provides Mac screen replacement.

Mac Liquid Damage

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Dropping liquid on your Apple Mac and your Mac not responding afterwards has to be one of the most terrifying experiences. Since liquid is a good conductor of electricity, once it enters inside the computer, it could possibly short the system and render it useless. Everybody makes mistakes like this and that is why liquid damage is one of the most common Mac repairs in Dallas as well. Sometimes it could not be worth it to get it fixed since you might have to replace the screen, keyboard, trackpad and many other components. But sometimes just an ultrasonic cleaning on the inside can fix your Mac. You can always go to Apple for a logic board replacement service or go to a local repair store in Dallas to see what services they provide for Mac liquid damaged devices. Most repair stores do provide logic board repairs rather than replacing the logic board.

Mac Battery Replacement

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Like any other laptop computer, even Apple Mac laptops works on an internal battery. MacBooks tend to last for long periods of time but that does not mean that the internal battery will never loose it’s performance capacity. That is why it needs to be serviced and battery checked out at certain times. After certain years of usage you need to get your battery replaced for computer health. People know that every electronic device run on battery and in certain times need a battery replaced.

Mac Not Turning On Repair

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Sometimes your Mac could have problem with not booting or not turning on at all. This could be because of several factors such as bad battery, power supply, sensor damage, motherboard issue. It is a common repair because most of the repairs we talked about previously could cause the Mac not turning on. You can diagnose the Mac problems you have by watching youtube videos on the Internet or send it to Apple to get it fixed or take it to a local Mac repair shop and get your Mac fixed.